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Conserving Biodiversity,
Culture & Community

Our Mission

Biodiversity in Kenya and eastern Africa is under threat from unsustainable land-use practices, weakened community land governance, and growing pressures on natural resources. The African Conservation Centre (ACC) is on a mission to change that. For over 25 years, we've served as a Kenyan Hub, advancing collaborative conservation practices that sustain biodiversity, culture, and community.

Our Work

As a widely recognized leader in community-based conservation, we champion proven approaches based on community interests and capacity, local leadership, and sound ecological science. Our work is focused in these areas:

ACC Women's Enterprises

1. Communities & Conservation

We support community conservation that empowers and benefits local communities, building local capacity and creating grassroots models of effective, locally-led conservation.

ACC - Development Corridors Partnership Infrastructure Survey

2. Science & Research

We contribute to the conservation and management of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources through exemplary applied research and use of science to inform policy and conservation practice, support evidence-based decision-making and increase awareness amongst stakeholders.

Lucy Waruingi, DCP Kenya Country Principal Investigator and ACC Executive Director

3. Policy & Practice

We influence policy and practice to promote inter-sectoral coordination, sustainable natural resource management, effective implementation and sound governance, including community empowerment and benefits from wildlife and other natural resources.

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4. Education Hubs & Networks

Talk about how ACC formed/incubated(?) Research Centres and locally-lead groups (SORALO), plus Cross-border/Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA) initiatives, etc.

Our Impact

Formally established in 1995, ACC has a unique track record as a conservation thought-and-practice leader. Today, we offer an East African Conservation Hub for cutting edge ecological research and community-based practices, connecting the people and resources needed for long-term solutions.

5 K

People trained in community-based conservation practices


Conservation Research Centres Established


Enterprises Launched that Improve Conservation Efforts


Conservation Networking Forums Hosted
Featured Story of Impact: Twala Tnebo Cultural Manyatta

Our Partners

Our expertise lies in creating new platforms and initiatives that bring different stakeholders—including civil society, researchers, government policy-makers, and local communities—together around common aims. We are proud to collaborate with extraordinary funding and implementing partners— past and current, sampled below.

Our News

Stories from the field: projects, partnerships & opportunities

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