We Conserve Biodiversity

By Partnering With Communities



We Conserve Biodiversity

By Protecting Keystone Species



We Conserve Biodiversity

By Restoring Ecosystems



We Conserve Biodiversity

Through Research & Policy Development



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Our Work

African Conservation Centre integrates knowledge, environment and livelihoods to sustain biodiversity in East Africa. As an African hub for cutting edge ecological research and community-based conservation practices, we bring together the people and resources needed for long-term solutions. Our community-based conservation efforts are organized around these 4 areas:

ACC Conservation Safari - Giraffes


We study different wildlife species for conservation purposes and develop new ways to organize, understand and provide access to biological data on Kenya’s biodiversity.

ACC Women's Enterprises


We partner with communities living with wildlife to ensure they have the information and tools to continue to coexist with wildlife in a changing world.


Ecosystem Planning & Conservation

We identify the most bio-rich areas and integrate science with indigenous knowledge to determine the best ways to protect these areas for everyone.

ACC - Development Corridors Partnership Infrastructure Survey

Research & Policy

We work with communities, institutions and government to develop and advance policies that benefit Kenya’s wildlife and people.

Our Mission

The mission of the African Conservation Centre (ACC) is to conserve biodiversity in East Africa and beyond through the collaborative application of scientific and indigenous knowledge, improved livelihoods and good governance through the development of local institutions.

ACC Post COVID-19: What We've Learned & How We're Building Back Better

Executive Director, Lucy Waruingi, reflects on ACC’s adaptation during the global pandemic and lays out a plan for resiliency with your support.

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